Cloud localization at a touch of a button!

No more releasing new versions every

time languages are added or translations

are changed. Your users are updated


Make your international users happy :)

Simply paste a few lines of code – and your app is localized!

How It Works ?

Our happy customers include:

App Localization
The Easy Way!

Launch Special: Get Lingui localization FREE of charge! A $100/month value! 

PLUS: get the first language professionally translated for FREE  (* for apps with 100,000+ users)

Lingui scans the app, extracts the strings and enables crowd, professional or machine translation.
The app is updated with the translation or with new languages directly from the cloud.

Add Lingui

Select target


Select translation


Get translation

from the cloud   

Your users will love it!

Switch easily

between languages 

See your app in their 

native language

Translations are available 

online and offline 

Lingui is Full of Benefits

Lingui handles all the hassles of localization and is perfect for beginners and experts alike

Easy Localization

Paste the Lingui SDK to your app and that’s it.


No need to republish or update the app.

Cloud Direct    

Add & update translations and languages directly from the cloud. 


Use your own translators or user community.

The Professional Option

Use professional translation powered by One Hour Translation if needed (pay per word).

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Launch special

Get Lingui localization FREE of charge! A $100/month value!

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